Connecting people with Places & Stories

My Place and Story is a platform for celebrating people and places. Across the country, our outdoor furniture allows visitors to scan a QR code on their smartphone to learn more about the Place or the story of the person or event the bench is dedicated to.

Recent places and stories

Remembering and celebrating

My Place and Story is a service that creates a digital memory of a person or physical place. By placing dynamic QR codes on benches and furniture around the country, people are able to discover more of the story behind a memorial plaque to a person or learn about what makes a certain place special.

The service is operated by TDP, who are a Derbyshire based recycled plastic furniture manufacturer. TDP take great pride in their commitment to sustainability, which is why they make furniture to last a lifetime.

The service aims to combine lifelong lasting furniture with the everlong last memory of those special people and places. If you’d like to share your story, please get in touch.

An example of how our QR code and commemorative plaque would look on a bench