How does this work?

There are a number of ways you can sign up to My Place and Story. Whether you sign up on this site and order a QR Plaque or Memorial Plaque, or whether you purchase some recycled plastic furniture from our online store, you’ll end up with a QR code that when scanned, sends the reader to a dedicated page on the My Place and Story website.

Get started by choosing how you want visitors to access your story. You can either purchase just a QR code plaque (great if you already have a bench with a memorial plaque attached), a Memorial plaque with an attached QR code (great if you already have just a bench) or get everything (including the furniture) directly from TDP.

Our service can be used in a variety of locations, from benches, to buildings, to posts in the ground! So there are lots of flexible options for whatever your circumstances.

Once you have chosen where to fix your QR code plaque (or placed your furniture if it came pre-installed), you’ll be able to scan the code with the camera app on a smartphone*.

You can choose to have just a My Place and Story branded QR code plaque, or one that comes with a brass/bronze message plaque. We have lots of options available for customisation.

The visitor will then be sent to your unique My Place or Story memory page. This page will tell them all about the person or place you are celebrating – allowing them to read about their history and see photographs.

Depending on whether you are celebrating a person or a place, the visitor will be shown different things – from biographies and testimonail messages for a person, to history and facilities for a place.

Recent places and stories