Tim Sexton

Thank you for having a seat at Tim “the Jedi” Sexton’s bench.

If you are having a dram, Tim is having one with you ūüôā

Tim left this earth far too early, but not before leaving his mark on so many people. He lit up a room and spread good energy to everyone whom he came into contact with. Tim was full of positivity and loved loved spending time nerding out on scotch and Star Wars with his scotch group, The Bastard Scotch Society….hence the “Proud Bastard”.

He loved his friends, his dogs, family and the love of his life, his wife, Nancy.

Tim worked in the Hollywood Studios, WB, Dreamworks and Paramount. He co-produced a little whisky documentary called, The Water Of Life, A Whisky Film

Tim Sexton
Age 44
Born 08/01/1978
Died 05/22/2023

The story of Tim Sexton

Tim was born Timothy Joseph Rehling in Crawfordsville, Indiana. He lived there for a while until his family moved to Carmel, Indiana where he graduated high school. Tim attended Perdue University where he received a degree in business. He moved to Los Angeles in 2004 with his best friend Christian and his dog Foley, who he had raised from a puppy.

Tim’s first job in California was as a movie theater manager in Santa Clarita, he eventually left that job and moved to Los Angeles, where he started working in the studio system as a temp. Over time Tim’s talents were appreciated and recognized by several studio execs who offered Tim full time work. In the 16 years working at the studios, he worked at Paramount, Dreamworks Animation and Warner Brothers.

During his time at Dreamworks and Paramount Tim fell in love with Scotch Whisky and joined two Whisky groups, one at Dreamworks and one with his dear friends, The Bastard Scotch Society. He truly was a Proud Bastard. Tim’s favorite scotch was Bruichladdich and we couldn’t be happier that all who sit on it can see the distillary from the bench.

On February¬†13th of¬†2009¬†Tim met Nancy Sexton, who picked him up in a bar. There was an immediate love connection and they were quickly married just 5 months after they met. Tim and Nancy were married a total of 4 times over the 14 years they were together each time on the¬†13th. Tim and Nancy decided to not have children, but decided to travel the world instead. Tim meticulously planned each trip and as soon as one was complete he was busy planning the next one. In 2018 they¬†visited Scotland and¬†Islay for Tim’s 40th birthday. The last trip he took was to New Orleans seven weeks before he passed.

Tim also loved photography and if you look through the pics you can see some of his best work. He also adored movies, Star Wars in particular and was even given the title of Tim “The Jedi” Sexton by his buddies at the Bastard Scotch Society. Tim was so excited to have been involved and work on the documentary, The Water of Life, A Whisky Film. He traveled with the film to Scotland, Germany and England and was thrilled to have raised a glass with Ralfy and Jim McEwan.

Tim loved that he was an Uncle of 11 nieces and nephews and dog daddy to six boys over the years.

Tim was diagnosed with Stage 4 GE Junction Cancer in January of 2021. And even though he was suffering, he stayed positive and lived his best life through it all. He was always grateful for the life that he was privileged¬†to live and he appreciated¬†every day that he had. Before Tim passed he sent out a note to all of his friends who had contributed to his gofundme page and so in Tim’s words…..

“I will miss all of you and all the things that Cancer has stopped me from experiencing, but I hope it’s evident from what I’ve shared that I did get an amazing life these past 44 years.
Please try to make the most of your time, it’s so precious. Prioritize connection and love. Avoid those who would aim to add negativity to your lives. And travel the world!
Sending out big hugs and lots of love.
All my best,

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Tribute messages

  • To my loving husband. I love you more than peanut butter. Meow meow meow Honey Bunny.

    Nancy Sexton
    8th August 2023